Privacy policy


The Oliveira & Valentim, Lda. company observes all the legislation on privacy and personal data protection. This is an assumption that ensures the confidence of customers, as well as all the other agents with whom the firm has business relationships. The collection of personal information (or information that identifies the user) is dependent of restrictions referred below.

  1. User consent

The use of sales platform or the personal data sending to the Oliveira & Valentim, Lda. company assumes that the user authorizes the data collection according with the presente privacy policy, otherwise, the user should not use this electronic platform, as weel as the form “Contact”.

  1. Limitations on the collection and use of personal data

The Oliveira & Valentim, Lda. company assumes the compromise of:

  1. Inform the user about his data handling practices;
  2. Collect and use the personal data only with the express or implied consent of the user and in compliance with applicable legal requirements;
  3. Collect personal data for specific and limited purposes, namely: document processing of purchase/sale and shipping of the order;
  4. Process the personal data in accordance with the purposes for which they have been effectively collected and authorized by the user;
  5. Do not use personal data for direct marketing purposes, unless the user has the possibility to decide whether to accept to participate;
  6. Unleash all necessary measures for the protection of the uses personal.