Shipping and Payment


ATTENTION: Before ordering, please read the following informative text.

1. The customer should never make any payment before being contacted (by e-mail) in order to be informed about the exact amount of the order.

2. The value shown in the “Your basket” is merely indicative and may vary depending on the fluctuation of the transportation costs and the charging of VAT (note: there are exclusions, in law, for vat payment).

3. For shipments outside Continental Portugal the consumer will be informed of the exact cost of the transport (by e-mail), after sending the order.

4. For international shipments, the consumer will be informed of the shipping cost (by e-mail), after placing the order.

5. The order will only start to be processed (i.e. packaged and shipped to the carrier) after the value of the requested transfer appears in the firm's bank account

6. The order will be sent with acknowledgment of receipt, and the shipping code will be sent to the customer so that he can follow the evolution of the transport to the destination.

7. The orders will follow to the costumer with the corresponding invoice-receipt (in paper).

8. Orders will be shipped every day except Saturday and Sunday.

9. The only authorized payment method is the prepayment, using the PAYPAL system or BANK TRANSFER, as it is considered a security guarantee for the client.

10. We ship orders all over the world with no country restrictions (but depending on the transport possibilities).